OmVeda Thermal Lift

OmVeda Thermal Lift

Pranah Body and Beauty

OmVeda Thermal Lift

đź•‘60 minsđź’°$160

Experience the magic of this transformative facial as it deep cleanses, tightens slackened skin, and sculpts your facial contours, leaving you with a visibly lifted and rejuvenated appearance.

At the heart of this remarkable treatment lies the thermo-herbal mask, radiating warmth that promotes cell respiration and draws out impurities. As the mask embraces your skin, it reduces pore size, erases wrinkles, and improves cellular function, unveiling a radiant complexion that defies time.

Our Thermal Lift treatment goes beyond firming and tightening. With a focus on improving elasticity and stimulating circulation, your skin emerges with sculpted facial contours that exude a newfound youthful allure.

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